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  • Earlier today I asked you guys this question and I love Love LOVE the great response from you guys!! Lots of interesting ideas here!! Thanks for sharing your ideas…
    • caorann answered: I would be very interested in seeing him in a comedy. And also a romantic drama. Stretching his acting abilities more than he has recently.
    • kristenrudyqualls said: More action… Lots more action… Maybe a comedy
    • mugglewhovian answered: All THE THINGS! Couldn’t resist. Sorry. I’m with everyone else. A GOOD romantic movie, musical, horror, comedy…or a horror comedy.
    • underwatermine answered: I would love a solid comedy. That man is bursting with potential. You just gotta find the absolute perfect script or it will be a bust.
    • more-than-i-deserve answered: all of the above. i’m personally a fan of action movies but he’d be really good in a comedy
    • aeryndex answered: A Hawkeye origin movie
    • uuuhshiny answered: I’d love to see him in some historical stuff, or in this comedi that comming up where he will be playing Al Pachino’s son ;)))
    • hinatink answered: I’d be content with just more Renner! But I like the idea of a Romantic Drama. Or a role where he’s a new Papa (Renner+babies!)! Action too.
    • xjemxcoughlinxtragicxcomedyx answered: Maybe a psychological horror, quality fantasy, more crime!!!
    • mamas-happy-place answered: Maybe he can do the musical-to-movie Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Scarlett…
    • iamapurplegoddess answered:I think he should try comedy. He did well on SNL. And something not romantic, but a little fluffier than what he usally does. a Thriller too
    • condemnedtorockandrolll answered: Something where he plays a villain or rather, a psychopath. He’s great in Dahmer.
    • larizaokyadisty answered: a romcom, I guess.it’ll be fun to see.
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    • canadiens answered: i’d love to see him in a comedy or musical but i love his angsty dramatic roles because it shows off how amazing of an actor he is.
    • rachprocrastinates said: Musical (for obvious reasons), drama (something he can really sink his teeth in to), anything and everything! A well written comedy/romantic comedy, more action so we can see those muscles flex… I second MJRF on the Magic Mike sequel!
    • kdubnomnom answered: musical
    • ohrenner answered: comedy or a musical because that voice.
    • negmas89 answered: Nooo, drama, drama, deep drama!
    • seducedbydevilhips said: Everything. He’s very versatile. I think he could pull off any genre. I love the action/drama/etc he’s already done but there’s always room for variety. I think an intellectual non-typical romcon would be fun… Not one of the terrible cheesy ones.
    • itzasolstice answered: Comedy. Then we’d get more of those cute faces he makes.
    • jeremyismylove answered: for me??? ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • ill-write-you-a-tragedy answered: Drama, like real drama, because come on he’s an amazing actor and though I love his action movies he needs to show even more of his talent..
    • jeremyloverobsessedmoi answered: comedy/romantic mix.
    • ruby-loki-winchester-wholock answered: drama! and action cause he is perfect! but he sings so well maybe one musical! :)
    • hellyeahnerdstuff answered: Well paced thrillers. Not horror thriller but espionage and intellect thriller. I think he would do really well in those types of movies.
    • killingheroes said: No WAIT I thought of something else like a psychological thriller/horror perhaps? Ooooh. Honestly tho he could pull off any kind of movie, he’s so perfect.
    • red-inmyledger answered: Something creepy and dramatic. He was so brilliant in Dahmer, I’d like to see him in something like that again.
    • jeremysgem answered: Musical comedy
    • killingheroes answered: ACTION ADVENTURE MUSICAL! No I’m kidding a romantic drama would be nice. But I love him in action films (:
    • malejeremyrennerfan answered:Magic Mike sequel. But to be honest, his dramatic or action roles are his best. I don’t know about comedy…
    Message me if you like the idea of having a weekly question like this!! I want to hear from YOU guys!! Obviously this is a very long post - and if this becomes a regular thing I will only post like 10 of the ideas… but I just wanted to give this a go!! Trying something new here people!! ^_^
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    4. iluvjr said: A romantic drama with a few actors, just like “A Love Story” or “One Day”, And I wanna see Hawkeye Origin too.
    5. hurricanefrank said: Great idea for a weekly question *thumbs up*
    6. ten-in-the-impala said: 🔹 Hawkeye based film 🔹 Anything action 🔹 Comedy 🔹 Anything that involves his outstanding singing abilities 🔹 Maybe a tv show just so I could look forward to seeing him on tv regularly rather than having to wait months to see his new work!
    7. mistressrenner said: I love your idea! I’m so glad I’m following you! =)
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    11. katanutella said: I need him in a Hawkeye movie… or a romantic comedy, I know he could do an awesome job
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